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Auto Loan Calculator

Estimate your next monthly car payment with our Auto Loan Calculator including an amortization schedule. Simply enter the vehicle cost, trade-in equity, down payment, interest rate, and term of loan in months.


  • Credit Score / Credit Report: Your credit history will affect the interest rate offered on a vehicle loan. Contact your local credit union branch before car shopping if you have any dings on your credit report. Otherwise, once on the car lot a dealership could try to convince you to accept a higher interest rate than you might otherwise qualify for at the credit union.
  • Lease vs Purchase: Unless you plan on trading in your vehicle every 2-3 years, leasing is an expensive option for the average consumer. Leasing a vehicle means that you own nothing at the end of the lease term. You either need to finance the "residual value" of the vehicle or hand over the keys to the dealership, leaving you in the position of needing to purchase another vehicle.

Auto Loan Calculator

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